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Luxurious Private Jets Asia

Luxurious Private Jets Asia

Luxurious Private Jets Asia
  Luxurious Private Jets Asia

Luxurious Private Jets Asia

Luxurious Private Jets Asia













Our outstanding charter service redefines convenience and flexibility
for your needs, your transfers for business, tourism or shopping in
any destination in Asia. We propose the best services with a selection
of private Jets to ensure your rapidity to the destination of your choice.
No more frustration with queuing up, unfriendly procedures
and long waitingtimes for boarding and flight connections.

Unrivalled safety with the newest aircraft and internationally trained
pilots. Absolute security with only your party on the flight. Access
to private airports and destinations as you wish. Personalise your own
schedule, giving you full control of your time. Private conferencing
and meetings in flight. Iridium phones on board to keep you connected.
Electrical connections for your laptop or other devices.

Stationed in Thailand, we can provide 3 privates jets and 3 helicopters:
The Cessna Citation X, the fastest private jet aircraft in the world.
The Cessna Citation CJ3, the backbone of MJets’ private jet service.
The Piper Malibu Mirage is one of the best jet-props of its kind.
3 luxury Eurocopter EC-130-135 helicopters in VIP configurations,
stationed in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.


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